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This post is taken from one we found on twitter and we repost it here, thanks to the original poster:

“On this day, 15 years ago, #AishwaryaRai was featured on The Sunday Times as a cover story about crossing over into Hollywood.

#Aishwarya not only succeeded in gaining recognition, accolades and being offered many roles in the West and other territories, but went on to pick a handful of films which would not betray her Indian heritage or sensibilities. She has conquered the world of cinema and the cinema of the world, featured on numerous covers and been covered by the international press like no other actress from the Indian subcontinent (including May’s Vanity Fair of the same year) #Aishwarya has gone from conquering Miss World to being an icon of cinema, having served on the jury at Cannes, regularly representing Indian cinema on a number of platforms that were previously closed to it, all while maintaining grace, dignity and humility.

#AishwaryaRai has challenged herself in terms of the roles she has undertaken, the filmmakers she has worked with and the truly diverse body of work she has so far left on screen.

This year, #AishwaryaRai was invited to be part of the @theacademy &she continues to reign in the hearts of film lovers across the globe, many who have been left haunted by her portrayals of strength, of love and loss, of courage and beyond.

15 years ago, the question was asked if Bollywood could cross over to Hollywood. #Aishwarya showed that she could go further and take over the world.

So today, here’s to an icon, one of cinema’s most talented artistes & the future. #AishwaryaRai”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, thanks twitter!


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